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Hasty Sex After Op Caused Eye Bleed In Russian Ken

Sex too soon after plastic surgery caused an eye-bleed in the model calling himself the "Russian Ken" say doctors.


Self-proclaimed Ken Yegor Kholyavin, 29, found fame in Russian reality show Dom 2 (House 2).


In order to look more like Barbie’s perfectly sculpted boyfriend, Mr Kholyavin underwent a number of plastic surgery operations as well as liposuction.


Just a few days ago Mr Kholyavin, from Russian capital Moscow, had surgery to alter the shape of his nose and cut some skin from around his eyelids in order to reshape his eyes.


But on the day after the surgery blood poured out his eyes.


Experts believe that the reason for the sudden bleed is that Mr Kholyavin has ignored medical advice and had sex.


Surgeon Igor Korotkiy said: "If the bleed happed two days after the surgery there is no question of a doctor’s mistake but violating a doctor’s prescription.


"His blood pressure has changed, this is how the bleed started."


He said he most likely explanation for a sudden blood pressure change was that the patient had had sex, or perhaps lifted something heavy or put his head in a downward position.


The self-proclaimed Ken said he planned on improving his body by getting a six-pack – but surgically, not by doing hundreds of sit-ups every day


He said the facial bleed setback would not stop him from getting his body to perfection.


Netizens were baffled as to why somebody would want so much surgery.


‘Pavel Korsakov’ said: "You should love your body the way it is."


And ‘Yadviga’ added: "Really don’t get it when young and attractive guys do stuff like that. So stupid."