Alligator Bites Man After Escaping Zoo During Flood

An alligator attacked a man after escaping from its Zoo enclosure during a flood.


Alligators and crocodiles were amongst the creatures which broke out when a nearby river burst its banks.


The aquatic reptiles from the Las Pirkas Zoological Centre were seen swimming in flood water near Jayanca district in the Lambayeque region of Peru.


Ricardo Peralta Guevara, 40, was crossing a large puddle when he was attacked by an alligator.


The alligator, which was hiding beneath the water, suddenly bit his leg as he was making his way across the water.


Ricardo, who lives in a village near the zoo, was rushed to hospital and is currently in a stable condition.


The alligator was captured following the attack - but some wild animals are still on the loose.


So far the authorities have managed to round-up three alligators and a crocodile which escaped during the flood.


But they are still hunting for four more alligators and another crocodile which are thought to be swimming free.


The flood, which has been caused by heavy rain, has caused havoc in the village of Lambayeque.


Many families - including dozens of children - have had to be rescued in army helicopters.


Flood water also swept through Las Pirkas Zoological Centre, which is home to multiple wild species.


The zoo claims that thieves have used the flood as an opportunity to snatch macaws, parrots and turtles.


Birds and monkeys living at Las Pirkas Zoological Centre have survived the floods by climbing to higher areas of their cages.