Fundraising Campaign Saves Poor Tortured Kittens Life

A fundraising drive to treat a kitten tortured by sadists with flesh-eating chemicals and left for dead has succeeded in saving its life.


The cat was found on a street in the Russian city of Rostov on Don, in south-western Russia's Rostov Oblast region.


It had been so badly beaten it suffered severe internal injuries and a broken paw.


After the beating its tormentor sprayed caustic foam, the sort used to mount pictures into frames, on to its wounded leg.


By the time the kitten was rescued the foam had begun to eat into the flesh of its leg.


After being found an appeal for help went out on the Internet.


Olga Pisklova answered the request for help and took the kitten to a veterinary hospital.


The vets discovered it suffered from a broken hernia, a broken leg and numerous other traumas, including a broken fang.


Olga explained that the kitten needed to have two surgeries, but she did not have enough money for the treatment.


She shared a post and requested help, saying: "I will not leave the poor animal until the kitten returns to full health," said Olga.


Olga succeeded in collecting funds for the kitten’s treatment.


"I will present all the receipts for the payments that I have made for the kitten's treatment in order to report the payments and not to lose people's trust," promised Olga.