Young Man Dies In Russian Roulette Gamble

A man killed himself during a game of Russian roulette he played to win a bet against friends.


The tragedy happened in the town of Santa Elena, in the western Colombian department of Valle del Cauca.


Jefry Alexander Caicedo Toledo, 21, had reportedly gone out to have fun with two friends.


What happened next is not clear but it is reported that the young man decided to play Russian roulette, a game of chance in which a single bullet is loaded into a six-shooter revolver.


The barrel is spun and the player puts the gun to their head and fires, not knowing whether the chamber contains a bullet or if one of the five empty ones is lined up with the barrel.


It is thought the game was played as a bet with his friends.


The live round had ended up in the firing position and the man received a serious head injury.


He was immediately transferred to the Palma Real de Palmira clinic, where attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.


The man's friends were arrested after the incident and a Smith & Wesson 32 calibre handgun was seized by the police. The casing of the bullet was found inside the gun.


The men’s current legal status is unclear but they will be investigated for trafficking, and manufacturing or carrying firearms and ammunition.