Woman Trolled After Being Masturbated On At Concert

A young woman who says a man ejaculated on her trousers during a concert was appalled at trolls’ reactions to her ordeal.


Meghna Singh, an undergraduate at Delhi University, was at a concert at the affiliated Sri Ram College Of Commerce on 9th March, the day after International Women’s Day.


She says she felt someone too close behind her, and turned around to find a man there. She asked him to keep his distance.


The history student only discovered what he had been doing when she got home - there was semen all over the back of her jeans.


She posted pictures of the soiled jeans on social media, writing: "Concerts are for people to show their love for the person performing on stage and letting some part of their dream come true.


"But some people just cannot contain the excitement and feel the urge to jerk off right in middle of the crowd, feel up your butt and just vanish in thin air."


But some commenters accused her of making up the story to gain attention. Others said it was simply funny.


One critic wrote: "Dayum this made my night. It’s too damn hilarious."


She responded to critics by saying: "As far as seeking attention is concerned, YES I AM SEEKING YOUR ATTENTION and NO, NOT FOR FOLLOWERS.


"I did not see that guy and don’t have any material evidence to find out who he is, least I can do is take a stand for myself.


"I just want people to know that things and people like these exist and yes they stoop down to this level. We need to be aware.


"Girls going to concerts should know that this could happen to them and shouldn’t convince themselves to not react, because duh? This happens. Reaction, retaliation are needed.


"This happens on a daily basis and is nothing new, but I don’t want to generalise this and make it something you should get ‘used to’ by not talking about it. Stop okay?"


She later affirmed that she would report every instance of cyber bullying to police, adding: "I have also submitted my jeans for forensic investigation. Happy commenting to you fellas."


Police did not release a statement regarding the incident.