Police Find Migrant Hidden In Dashboard Of Car

Border police were surprised to find a hidden migrant crammed inside a car’s dashboard.


The driver, identified only as a 36-year-old named R.M.S, has been arrested after the bizarre find by Spanish officers which happened on the border joining Spain with north Africa in the city of Ceuta.


Two migrants were found inside the vehicle - a man was hiding under the seat and a woman was curled up inside the dashboard.


The driver is alleged to have been a Spanish national who had offered to help the desperate asylum seekers for money.


His vehicle was searched after officers said he was behaving "nervously".


Because of his weird behaviour, officers decided to check the entire vehicle carefully and found some evidence that the seat and the front part of the vehicle had been "manipulated".


They searched the glove box of the vehicle and found the woman who they say had clear symptoms of suffocation and had fainted.


A man was also hidden under the back seat of the car.


Officers say the unnamed migrants are both of Guinean origin and are between 18 and 20 years old.


The driver has been arrested and charged.


The case continues.