Net Goes Wild For Super Villain-Styled Judge

A judge has attracted global fame with her eccentric make-up that leaves her looking more like a super villain than a dispenser of justice.


Photos of Alla Bandura from the Milovskiy district in north-western Ukraine’s Rivne Oblast region show her looking every inch a comic book superhero’s nemesis, with dramatic black and white features, full red lips and a high-altitude two-tone hairdo.


Mrs Bandura also bears a passing resemblance to Morticia Addams from TV comedy The Addams Family.


In addition to her monochrome make-up, Mrs Bandura uses black and white colours in her hairdo, which reminded some commenters of the rock band Kiss.


Her photos made her an internet sensation, with netizens comparing her to the Joker from Batman or Ursula from Disney’s Little Mermaid cartoon.


It is reported that in 2006 Judge Bandura suffered an assassination attempt.


Two unknown assailants stabbed the judge 12 times but failed to kill her.


Mrs Bandura managed to recover quickly and got back to work in a surprisingly short amount of time.


The majority of netizens have ironically agreed that this is indeed the face of the Ukrainian judicial system.


Netizen ‘Natalia Pishuk’ said: "All she needs is finding a good stylist who would transform her into one of the most stylish judges. All she needs is to wish for one."


And ‘Vladimir Penyak’ added: "I think it is unfair to judge her by her look. This woman with poor make-up is somebody’s wife and mother. People should be more considerate."


But ‘Aleksey Golubotskiy’ pointed out: "It is a free country; we can laugh at her picture as much as we want to."