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Vegan Diet Not Behind Djokovic Failure Says Menu Guru

Troubled former tennis number one Novak Djokovic's diet expert has denied claims that her vegan menu is behind his fall in the world rankings.


Maja Volk, 58, was in charge of preparing the athlete's food but has hit back at allegations that his losing streak is her fault.


Djokovic tumbled from his world number one ranking when Andy Murray took his crown at the end of last year.


But Volk - who prepared food for both Djokovic and his wife Jelena - has told media in his native Serbia that she is sick of being blamed.


She said: "We didn’t have any written agreement, I wasn’t their cook. I only prepared the food, they paid and that’s all. We are in very good relationship."


Volk added: "I never told the public that I worked with the Djokovic family until they did."


She says she felt "crucified" when the Djokovic family named her as their food expert.


She said: "They told me, 'Maja, now we’ll tell and you should be ready for a media attack'.


"I have to admit that I was not ready for all that media noise. I was almost crucified."


Volk told how she became an easy target for critics who were wary of taking on the tennis star and his family.


She explained: "Every time when Novak loses a match, the first to be blamed was me and the food I prepare, which is total nonsense.


"I had some unpleasantness because of that, because it is much easier to attack me than them."


Djokovic's lean, scraped physique since he gave up meat and dairy produce has shocked fans.


The star describes his food routine as: "Vegan, with a little fish here and there."


But even in social media feedback to her interviews, fans are still blaming her.


One critic named as 'Sale' said: "The menu of Maja Volk is for meditation and not for hard work. For sport people need protein from meat, milk and eggs."


'Servia' added: "Try and eat only green salads and work at a physical job and you’ll see that you’ll fall after two hours work. Tested."


Whether Djokovic is still following Volk’s vegan diet is not clear.