Ronaldo Meets His Online Match

Cristiano Ronaldo finally met his social media match when he posed for pictures with Italian internet sensation Gianluca Vacchi.


The 49-year-old millionaire businessman and male model has nearly ten million social media followers thanks to his sexy dance routines, usually with glamorous girlfriend Giorgia Gabriele.


And Real Madrid ace Ronaldo took his chance to get in on the action when his team played a Champions League match in Napoli.


Ronaldo loves to share pictures of himself with his multi-million global fan base and so it was a mutual love-in when he met up with Vacchi.


The Italian also posted photos with other Real Madrid players such as Marcelo Vieira and looked more than happy despite his team losing 3-1.


Vacchi captioned the pics: "Visiting my friends. Both fantastic souls."


Ronaldo was quick to share the post, meaning Vacchi's remarkable rise to online fame is likely to soar to even greater heights.


Vacchi first became an internet star last summer, when he published several videos with his wife on a luxury yacht among other jet set scenes, which all went viral on social networks.


Other favourite settings for the Italian couple are their stunning homes, hotels and luxury private jets.