Female MMA Fighter Challenges Men In The Ring

A fearless female MMA fighter is challenging men to fight her today as the world marks International Women’s Day.


Stunning Viktoria Shakhova said she is tough enough to take on any man in the ring and is urging any brave enough to take her on.


The pretty 25-year-old, from the city of Kursk in south-western Russia's Kursk Oblast region, only began training in mixed martial arts (MMA) last year but said she is ready to take anyone on.


She wrote on social media an open challenge to any man who thinks he can take her on, saying she will fight him today.


She wrote: "By their nature women are very strong, but not all of us are aware of this power. I want to prove to all men, that us ladies are not so fragile.


"Everything has changed, mixed martial arts is no longer only male sport. Therefore, I invite all men to challenge themselves and fight me in a ring."


The beauty said women can do a lot more than just be ring girls in pretty bikinis watching on as men fight.


And online fans lined up to say they were concerned for her welfare in the ring with a bigger man.


Netizen ‘Shaun Petrov’ said: "Women are praising her, men criticise her. Basically she would not be able to oppose any more or less stronger man, but what, is she ready to fight weak teenage boys?"


And ‘Dmitriy Galanin’ added: "I think she is either stupid, or has gone insane."