Woman Complains To Police About Poor Sex

A woman who agreed to have sex with a stranger while drunk complained to police when his performance did not meet her expectations.


The 30-year-old, named only as Valentina, was walking home after a party in the Russian capital city of Moscow when she bumped into the man in a park.


They chatted for a while before he offered to give her a lift home in his car if she agreed to have sex with him.


Valentina said that she had never been propositioned like that before and decided to accept the man's offer.


They went off into some bushes in the park and started having sex - but Valentina found the experience painful and unsatisfying and she asked the man to stop.


She then used her mobile phone to call the police, asking to file a complaint, even though she admitted that the sex had been consensual.


Valentina said: "He used me! He offered to take me home, but took me to some bushes. We had sex there.


"Then I ran out and called the police. Later I asked them to call the ambulance, because I was bleeding. But the ambulance never arrived."


When police officers arrived on the scene, Valentina told them that she was not satisfied with the sex.


Police officers eventually persuaded her that she had no grounds to lodge a complaint and she agreed to drop the matter.