Almost Naked Stylists Bring Men Flocking To Barbers

Men are flocking to a barber shop after seeing photos online of beautiful young hair stylists at work - almost completely naked.


The young ladies at the Old Boy salon in the city of Oskemen in Kazakhstan's East Kazakhstan Region left very little to the imagination.


One beautiful brunette was completely naked under her tiny black apron, while in other photos two gorgeous girls were wearing high heels, thongs and bras with their aprons.


But if potential customers were not yet suspicious, they should have been when they saw a picture of two 'hair stylists' in a sexy lesbian clinch.


The girls were actually dancers from the nearby Zebra strip club who had agreed to pose for the photographs for an online advertising campaign.


But that did not stop men, who recognised the salon from the pictures when they were shared on social media, from turning up in the hope of a trim from a semi-naked young lovely.


Netizen 'Rafael Rafael' said: "I think my hair is too long, better go to the barber ASAP!"


'Olesha Ayapova' commented: "Just wonder if there is anything similar for women? I bet there would be a queue for this kind of service."


And 'Tarabar' added: "I think it is time for us all to visit this wonderful client-oriented barber shop."


Oskemen is heavily industrialised and has Kazakhstan’s most polluted air and rivers. The number of people with breathing problems and cancer is way above the national average.