Actress Tells Of Identity Theft Ordeal

An actress has told of her ordeal being hunted by bailiffs over debts racked up by thieves who stole her wallet – and her identity.


Russian beauty Anna Khilkevich, 30, was working and living in Abu Dhabi in the western United Arab Emirates but said that when she came home to Russian capital Moscow, she was told she was wanted over loan debts.


Luckily she saw the funny side, even posting a picture of herself on social media with the caption: "Wanted" which she shared with her 5 million followers.


She said: "In December my wallet disappeared from my bag. There was my passport, my driver’s licence, credit cards inside. I made a new passport and new credit cards, but after a couple of months the banks started calling me.


"They were saying that I have taken a loan. I went to the police and notified of the loss on the 21st December, and on 22nd December I reportedly took on a loan. I just wonder, how could the bank provide a loan without even looking on the picture in the passport?"


Her followers lined up to support her.


One wrote: "What a bad time for you. You have all our sympathies."


Ms Khilkevich says she has sorted out the financial situation with her bank.