Dad Butchers Kids After Judge Gives Him Visitation

An estranged dad who killed and tried to butcher his two young sons after being given access to them by a judge is facing double murder charges.


The tragic youngsters had been spending a weekend with their father Juan Sergio Oliva Gomez, 38, in Aurich, Germany.


Local media named the victims as Miguel Angel, aged five, and four-year-old Leonardo.


Their horrified mother Yulia Lantuck, 34, found their bodies in rooms awash with blood when she went to collect them from Gomez's house.


She found Miguel's body face down on a sofa, still wearing his pyjamas.


Police later revealed that Gomez had beaten the brothers senseless with a rock and the repeatedly stabbed them.


He had been, they added, planning to dismember them and hide their bodies before his wife arrived.


The boys’ mother - separated from Gomez - had only agreed to a weekend visit after a judge ruled that the boys must spend time with their father, local media reports.


Gomez had a history of depression and she feared he might harm them.


He had once allegedly threatened to "do a Jose Breton", a notorious father in Spain who killed his children.


He later claimed to police that his sons had been butchered by "some criminals" who had then attacked him.


He had also stabbed himself in what police believe was a bungled suicide bid or an attempt to make it look like he had been attacked.


But neighbours told police that they had not seen anyone arrive at the house and heard no arguments or shouting.


Gomez is being detained at a prison hospital.