OAP Dies In Horrific Attack By Five Pit Bull Dogs

An OAP has died after being horrifically mauled to death by five pit bull dogs.


The man - named as Luis Angel Sala - lost his life after the mob of dogs jumped on him and attacked him near his home in the town of Beniarbeig, in the south-eastern Spanish province of Alicante, in the Valencia region.


Police say the 66-year-old man had left his home and was walking across land nearby when the five pit bull type dogs pounced on him.


His body was found by his son shortly after - it is claimed his body was covered in blood and rips to the skin.


Emergency services were called and Spanish Civil Guard officers arrived at the scene.


They found evidence at the scene that they say matches the man being attacked by at least five of the dogs.


He had been bitten on the legs, arms and head and they said the man had clearly tried to defend himself from the animals, to no avail.


Officers then set about interviewing neighbours and arrived at a nearby house to speak with a man who admitted having five pit bull and bull terrier dogs. They were looked over by the civil guard workers and found to have the man's blood on them.


They probed the owner who it was found did not have the right documentation to own the dangerous breeds of dogs as required by law. It is also claimed they had been involved in attacks before, but none as serious as this.


Officers took DNA samples so they could officially link them to the man's death and the dogs were taken to animal shelters.


It is claimed the animals then bit one of the keepers and even destroyed one of the cages in which they were meant to sleep.


The Civil Guard said that the pit bull dogs could have an "aggressive character" if they are not well trained. In a pack like this, one of the dogs acts as the leader and the others follow.


It is reported that the dogs have been ordered to be put down by a vet, with the procedure planned for this week.