CEN/Nikita Dzhigurda

Actor Sues Rival For Failing To Recognise Him As God

A flamboyant actor who has set up his own cult is suing a former clergyman for failing to recognise him as a god.


Russian celebrity Nikita Dzhigurda, 55, is taking legal action against Alexander Dvorkin, 61, after they clashed on a TV talk show.


Mr Dzhigurda says his rival violated his rights in terms of freedom of religious beliefs when he criticised his newly-founded 'Dzhigurdism' sect.


He also claims that Mr Dvorkin accused him of Satanism, diabolism and extremism.


Mr Dzhigurda said: "When someone like this guy insults holy things for me, it is unacceptable! As the God cannot be insulted!"


He is demanding compensation for his moral suffering which he valued at 15 million RUB (210,000 GBP).


Mr Dzhigurda also said that Mr Dvorkin should be forbidden from entering the Russian Federation, as he holds US citizenship.


Mr Dvorkin said that he thought the case was an attempt by Mr Dzhigurda to boost interest in his "flagging career".


"The man markets himself in every way possible," he said.


Mr Dzhigurda is a movie actor, singer and media icon known for his flamboyant lifestyle, foul language, and comedy internet videos.


Mr Dvorkin, a former clergyman of the Russian Orthodox Church, is one of Russia's most prominent anti-cult activists.