Brit Company To Make Worlds Biggest Balloon For Space Trip

A British firm has been hired by a Russian adventurer to create the biggest hot air balloon in the world.


Fyodor Konyukhov, 65, contacted UK based Cameron Balloons to make the extraordinary vessel intended to take him into the stratosphere.


Konyukhov intends for the balloon to be able to soar skywards with over 100,000 cubic metres of hot air.


He is involved in the design process and is scouring Russia for investors in the project.


One potential backer is businessman Alexander Ruchyov, 43, who previously took on the role of sponsor during the creation and the flight of the "Morton" balloon.


The Morton balloon was used by Konyukhov during his record-breaking round the world flight.


Konyukhov is a famous traveller, yacht captain and balloon pilot. In the summer 2016 he became the second person to circumnavigate the world in a hybrid hot-air helium balloon.


Cameron Balloons is a company established in 1971 in Bristol, England by Don Cameron and it now makes around 500 balloons a year. Over half of the hot air balloons registered with the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority are reported to have been made by the company.