School Bus Driver Has Heart Attack At The Wheel

A school bus driver who suffered a heart attack at the wheel managed to drive the eight children aboard to safety before he died.


The incident happened near the town of Carmona, in the southern Spanish province of Seville.


The 46-year-old driver, identified only as Manuel was driving eight students home when he suffered a heart attack.


A teacher travelling on board described how the bus driver complained of feeling ill before he suddenly lost control of the vehicle.


The driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle momentarily but was able to drive the mini-bus off the side of the road and stop it safely before he lost consciousness.


Fellow drivers on the road who saw what happened called the emergency services who arrived on the scene shortly afterwards.


Paramedics tried to resuscitate the driver for approximately half an hour before he was declared dead.


According to local media one eight-year-old boy was hurt during the incident when he hit his head on the seat in front after the bus braked suddenly, although his injuries are not serious.


The bus company sent another vehicle to pick up the remaining seven children and take them home.


The injured student was taken to a health centre in Seville to be treated, but was sent home shortly afterwards.


A source from the emergency services has reported that they are investigating the case to ascertain what might have caused the heart attack.


Interior minister Juan Ignacio Zoido commented about the incident on his Twitter account saying: "Death came as a surprise to him at the wheel in Carmona, but he was able to avoid a bigger tragedy whilst driving with eight children aboard. Rest in peace."


The Spanish Civil Guard are also investigating the case.