Putins Man Dons Embarrassing Red Trousers Again

Russian president Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov may have looked calm and cool as he fended off questions about talks with Donald Trump's shamed security adviser.


But in these extraordinary snaps of him off-duty, he certainly looks just like a man with his pants on fire.


His bright red slacks - which once caused him acute embarrassment - were put on show again by Peskov's wife Tatiana Navka who posted a snap of them on social media.


On Tuesday discreet Peskov was at the heart of President Putin's denials of an improper connection between Russia and Trump's ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn.


But as his wife's pictures show, the 49-year-old Kremlin aide had earlier cut an eye-catching dash in trousers as crimson as Trump's face.


Peskov donned the outfit while he and his two-year-old daughter shovelled snow from the path at their home.


Wife Tatiana's caption reads: "We are not sitting idle on Sunday. She is daddy's helper!"


The pillar-box red pants caused Peskov excruciating embarrassment last year when he was snapped wearing them teamed with a pair of Ugg boots.


The photo went viral and led to a series of unflattering memes.


One showed him sitting next to Hollywood star Keanu Reeves on a park bench.


Another showed him sitting behind a stripped-to-the-waist Putin riding a horse.


He said at the time: "We all have to lead ordinary lives as well."


Peskov added: "I got back home after midnight. My wife was away, I argued with my daughter over her bad grades at school and decided to drive to the car-wash.


"I was wearing red trousers when I decided to drive. That is how I ended up at the car-wash in the middle of the night."