Most Beautiful Woman Slammed Over New Hairdo

A woman dubbed Russia's most beautiful has been slammed by fans after changing her hairdo.


Vera Brezhneva has changed her hair from having long blonde flowing locks to a short black bob - but did not quite get the reaction she wanted.


The 35-year-old took part in The Big Live Show that takes place in Olympic Stadium in Moscow, Russia to mark Valentine’s Day and underwent the radical change live on air.


But it was in fact a wig - not that that stopped her fans from lining up to give her a frosty response.


Online viewers lined up to say they preferred her with luscious locks instead of the sleek new do she had opted for.


One of her followers on social media, ‘daryafateeva’, said: "Vera, you look terrible with dark hair" while another, going by the name ‘Annazebnitskaya’, wrote: "If it was just for one performance... ok... But you now look much older (with darker hair)"


Others were not so diplomatic.


Netizen ‘Selena_strike’ wrote harshly: "You have nothing apart from long blond hair going for you. You're now so ugly!"


But a small minority were not too upset with the change.


User ‘Bulygina’ said: "You'll always be a goddess!"


She ignored the haters and later posted a pic of her back to normal, writing: "Ok, ok, I am still blonde!"


Vera is known to like experimenting with new looks but this is normally limited to her outfits. Last month she was spotted celebrating her 35th birthday in one of the elite restaurants in Kiev, in her native Ukraine, in a revealing dress.