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Girl, 13, Forced To Become A Prostitute By Her Own Mother

A 13-year-old girl was forced to become a prostitute by her own mother who told the teen she had to work to support her booze habit.


The teen was forced to become a prostitute by her mum, a Russian national, who claimed she needed to get earning to fund her cigarettes and alcohol, and that she also had to look after her nine-year-old brother.


The horrific incident happened in the city of Almeria, in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia.


The youngster was only rescued from her tragic life when an undercover police operation swooped to save her after a 59-year-old pervert paid for a night with her.


Officers say they have arrested the girl's mother, the 59-year-old man and another man - a 32-year-old who hired the girl as a maid in a hotel, despite knowing her age.


Police say they launched an investigation on 17th January, when a person tipped them off into the seedy goings on.


They launched an undercover operation and noticed how the two young kids never went to school.


Three days after launching the operation, officers spotted the youngster being led into the home by the man.


They swooped and saved the youngster but it was then claimed that he had used her services before so police arrested him.


Officers say the youngsters have been placed into the care of social services as there is "no one else to care for them."


The investigation is ongoing and no names were mentioned in reports.