Potion Whiner Gets Harry Potter Quiz Cancelled

A library has cancelled its annual Harry Potter quiz over fears that children might attempt to recreate a magic potion mentioned in the books and make themselves ill.


The library in Novosibirsk, in south-central Russia, had run the quiz for two years in a row now and it was becoming established as an annual event.


Players could come to the library or answer questions from home, thanks to the Internet. There was even a diploma for aspiring wizards and witches who got all the questions right.


But the event has disappeared in a puff of smoke after a single complaint from a woman who feared children would try to mix their own magic potions. She even claimed the questions about potions posed a "public danger".


The library’s director confirmed to local media that one woman complained after worrying that children "might become ill," if they tried to cook the potions described in JK Rowling’s blockbuster series of fantasy books.


The unnamed director admitted: "Nobody has ever cooked anything, so far, but she drew our attention to the possibility that a child might get it into their head to try."


One of Novosibirsk’s librarians said that magic enthusiasts had come from all over the city and even neighbouring towns to have a crack at Quidditch questions and potion posers.


With millions of copies of the seven novels sold worldwide, in 74 languages, and a series of popular films made of the books, it is unclear why the library’s boss feared it would be one local quiz that would tip a curious child over the edge into drinking a homemade potion.


The only hope for wannabe wizards and witches is to impersonate the library’s boss and reinstate the quiz using Polyjuice Potion. For that they will need ingredients including fluxweed, knotgrass, lacewing flies, leeches, powdered bicorn horn and shredded boomslang skin to make it (but do not try this at home).