Obit-Obsessed Gran Writes Own Funny Death Headline

An obituary-obsessed grandma wrote the headline for her own obituary which lamented: "The one day I am on this page, I am not here to see it!"


Maria Rodrigo Molino loved reading obituaries and would always turn to that page first when she read Spanish daily ABC.


As she read the paper, Maria had always lamented to her family: "What a pity, the one day I will be on here I will not get to see me."


After the 86-year-old passed away, the newspaper printed the unusual headline as a tribute to their obituary section’s biggest fan, after being asked by her family.


Maria died in the city of Alcala de Guadaira, in the southern Spanish province of Seville, in the Andalusia region.


She had worked in a high school’s catering facility, serving sandwiches to students. She was a cook for 38 years and was said to have cooked lunch for the national Spanish football team before their legendary 12-1 defeat against Malta in 1984.


Maria died surrounded by family, as she had always wanted, as she had asked not to go to hospital. She managed to say goodbye to all her relatives, even her grandson living in London.