Actresses 26K-GBP Jewellery Stolen From Awards Ceremony

Stunning jewellery worn by Spanish film stars and worth more than 26,000 GBP has been stolen.


The pricey pieces worth 30,000 EUR (26,000 GBP) which were worn to the Goya 2017 cinema awards ceremony and which were being guarded in a hotel room have gone missing, police have confirmed.


Made by popular celebrity favourite brand Suarez, the jewellery was being kept inside a room at the Hotel Auditorium in the Spanish capital of Madrid at the event held last weekend.


Officers said the room was being used as a wardrobe for actresses and actors participating in the ceremony.


A ring, four pairs of cuff links, a pair of earrings and two watches were stolen in the heist which was immediately reported to police by the show producer and the head of security for the event.


It has been reported that the actresses Clara Lago, Emma Suarez, Barbara Lennie, Anne Igartiburu and Marta Nieto were wearing the jewellery before it was stolen.


Officers say "different people" were using the room over the course of the night and over the weekend. As well as a dressing room, it was also used as a storage room.


But the head of security told police the jewellery was not on display, and was only known to be there by a certain number of people.


The robbery was discovered on Monday morning as workers did a stock take after the event and immediately reported the missing pieces.


Police are investigating the incident and have asked the hotel for CCTV footage. They said there was no forced entry to the room, so it is believed they were taken by somebody allowed into the room.


Jewellery brands routinely lend luxury items to actors and actresses participating in awards ceremonies.


When questioned, Suarez spokesmen declined to comment.


Backstage two camera lenses, a memory card, camera battery, a flash, and glasses were also reported missing.


The police investigation is ongoing.