Bridges Ghost Ship Shadow Spooks Tourists

A stunning optical illusion has caused a "ghost ship" to appear on a river and has shocked netizens.


The mysterious phenomenon on the Moskva River - which runs through Russian capital Moscow - appeared on a riverbank under the Andreevsky Bridge.


In the photo, now being widely shared on social media as well as on news portals in the country, the distinctive shape of what appears to be a small ship can be seen, seemingly floating on the water.


The snap was shared by user ‘MattKat’ on local internet forums, where it quickly captured the imagination of Muscovites who had gone years without spotting the eerie vessel there before.


Blink and you will miss it, but upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the so-called "ghost ship" or "haunted ship" - as it has been dubbed on social media - is nothing more than a shadow formed by the Andreevsky Bridge itself.


Countless netizens are still intrigued by the illusion.


But according to reports, the arch bridge constructed in 2000 - in the place of a historical one demolished in 1998 - was built in such a way that it throws a shadow on the parapet on sunny days, creating the play of light and shadow that has been mistaken by tourists and locals as a ship.


Judging by the amount of attention the photo is getting on social media, however, the scientific explanation is unlikely to stop people believing in the ghost ship.