Shelled Brit War Photographer Fights For Sight In Ukraine

A British photographer is reported to have been left nearly blind by an exploding stray shell on the Ukrainian frontline.


Victim Christopher Nunn had been covering the fierce shelling in eastern Ukraine as government and pro-Russian forces pounded each other's positions.


Yorkshire-based Nunn is reported to have lost one eye with the other severely damaged when a shell hit a radiator in a house he was using, triggering a gas explosion.


Victim Nunn has worked for leading media names such as The New Yorker, the Financial Times, Le Monde, and the Telegraph.


His website tells how he divides his time between his home in Yorkshire and Ukraine.


A haunting tweet posted on the snapper's Twitter account in the early hours this morning said only: "I am alive."


Nunn had been in Avdiivka, in the Donetsk region, covering the conflict.


Regional Governor Pavlo Zhebrivsky revealed the photographer's injuries during an interview on local news TV channel 112.


He said: "A British photographer was injured. The shell hit the radiator in the house. A gas explosion followed.


"Shells landed near the football stadium where locals were receiving humanitarian supplies.


"The militants deliberately shelled civilians, instead of firing on troops."


Local reports say Nunn was taken to the Mechnykov military hospital in Dnipro at 4am on Friday morning.


Head surgeon Serhiy Ryzhenko described his condition as "moderately grave", as medics try to save his other eye.


Ukrainian officials say two civilians were killed when Russian-backed separatists fired on the government-held front line town of Avdiivka.


The separatists claim two civilians died as the government shelled the rebel stronghold of Donetsk.


At least 15 people have been confirmed killed in the intense fighting, but many fear the total could be much higher.


Nearly 10,000 people have died since the conflict flared up in 2014.