Russian Kim Kardashian In Wedding Dress Tease

The "Russian Kim Kardashian" broke male fans’ hearts by appearing in what looks like a skimpy wedding dress.


But the hints at an upcoming marriage were only a tease, says curvy beauty Anastasia Kvitko, and the garment she is pictured in is simply a white swimsuit... that happens to have a long white train.


Kvitko, 22, from the city of Kaliningrad in Russia's north-western outpost region of Kaliningrad Oblast, is famous for her hour-glass figure.


The model does not like talking about her private life, which is why the photo hinting at impending matrimony triggered so many rumours.


Ms Kvitko has reassured fans that the lingerie wedding dress is nothing but a swimsuit.


The model has been accused of deliberately modelling herself on Kardashian and of stealing ideas from the American reality TV star who is married to rapper Kanye West.


But Kvitko has hit back, claiming that she is "much better looking" and boasting that her own body is completely natural and purely a result of "hard work at the gym".


Her claims have come under fire from online trolls who say photos of the Russian beauty as a teenager show her to be "skinny with no boobs".


But Kvitko says she "ignores the haters" and claims that she only decided to make her curves her trademark after being rejected by several modelling agencies for being too fat.