Migrant Boys Corpse On Spanish Beach Sparks Outrage

The body of a six-year-old migrant boy from Africa washed up on a Spanish beach, provoking outrage at the ongoing refugee crisis.


Samuel, who is from the Congo, was found dead on the beach of Canos de Meca, in Barbate, in the southern Spanish province of Cadiz, in the Andalusia region.


He has been compared to Aylan, the three-year-old Kurdish boy whose dead body in the arms of a rescuer on a beach became a worldwide symbol of the refugees fleeing warzones only to lose their lives on the way to Europe, though unlike Aylan, he was not photographed.


Samuel was one of 21 migrants travelling in two rubber "patera" (small boats used by migrants to cross the Strait of Gibraltar) when they sank.


His mother Veronica’s body was found days later on the beach of Bolonia, near the city of Tarifa, also in Andalusia.


Teresa Mira, spokeswoman for the Association For Human Rights In Andalucia has called on the Spanish government to end this "bad migrant politics and these unfair things".


She added:  "Samuel, as well as Aylan, had a migrant plan in order to have a better life, but unfortunately everything went wrong."


Miguel Molina, the mayor of Barbate, said: "Sometimes we should give victims’ name and surnames in order to be aware of that we are talking about human lives. We have to stop these tragedies."


He also pointed out that Barbate, along with other southern coastal Spanish cities, is on the front line of the migration tragedy as many migrants arrive there from Morocco.


In front of the city council, residents of Barbate protested against the migrant politics in the country and in Europe, as well as showing their outrage at the death of the innocent six year old boy who wanted to cross the strait.


During the protest, the mayor said: "We do not want more migrants risking their lives, here in our waters or wherever, just because they want to search a better life for the lack of an answer by the international community to these kinds of cases.


"We want to say "enough" to those backward politicians who block the foster care of those people from different countries."


Both the mayor and members of the association wondered how they were not informed about the case of Samuel and the appearance of the body on the beach, doubting if authorities wanted to hide the case. However, the sub delegate of the government in Cadiz, Agustin Munoz, denied it, saying that "the finding of the body was informed in a local event with local media".


According to the human rights association, 300 people disappeared in 2016 while trying to get to Spain. In 2016, the number of pateras doubled compared to 2015.