Actress Hits Gym At Nine Months Pregnant And Does Splits

She may be ready to pop but this actress has not allowed her bump to stop her keeping fit and that includes going to the gym and doing the splits.


Popular Ukrainian actress Lyubava Greshnova is in her last weeks of pregnancy but posted a snap to her social media accounts to show fans she is still active.


The pretty 28-year-old showed she is not suffering from traditional pregnancy problems such as doing her shoes up and even posted a picture on social media showing her doing the splits.


She said she is still regularly working out and will do so right up until the birth, adding that she sometimes goes to the gym twice a day.


She captioned the splits snap: "Hey! I have even surprised myself with this one!"


Her fans lined up to congratulate the actress, most famous in the country for her role in soap opera The Wounded Heart.


One, name ‘Erikev’, said: "Well I could not even bend down when I was as pregnant as you are now. Very impressive. Now for the next challenge, actually giving birth."


Others added comments including "Bravo baby! I am so proud of you!" while another mummy added: "Wow! I was not able to make it while pregnant, although I am not pregnant now and still cannot make it."


Lyubava said it is important to her to stay as active and healthy during her pregnancy as physically possible, after suffering with her weight on and off for most of her life.


She admitted that during her college days she piled on the pounds and never paid attention to the food she was eating, downing fizzy drinks and living mainly off takeaways and junk food.


She said: "Then I started my career, I would go for auditions and no one would cast me. In one play they said that I was fat and should not expect to land any roles. It was horrible. I had dreamed about being an actress my whole life. It shocked me.


"I decided to lose weight and managed to lose more than 10 kilogrammes (22 lbs) in three months over the summer. When I came back to university, my friends did not even recognise me at first."