Complete Banker: Man Masturbates In Bank Queue

A pervert who performed a sick sex act in a bank queue has been shamed on social media by his shocked victim.


Astonished Anaeto Amaka Vivi had been queuing for the cashier at the Diamond Bank branch in Nnewi, Ananbra State, south-eastern Nigeria, when she noticed a man standing very close behind her.


Anaeto revealed on social media: "There was this guy behind me I noticed he was somehow resting on me so I moved a little and he moved with me."


She added: "I noticed something suspicious so I looked back I saw him crossed both of his hands covered with a paper down his waist."


She went on: "I kept mute and was busy with my phone. I noticed something behind me again I turned and saw him with his hands at the same position."


But Anaeto did not realise that he had secretly been pleasuring himself under the newspaper until it was too late.


She wrote: "All of a sudden I felt something hot dripped on my leg to my outmost surprise it was a sperm."


She added: "I turned, gat hold of him and gave him some hot slaps I know he has never received in his life before."


Anaeto got her full revenge online with a snap of the pervert and a photo of his handiwork.


She tells how she had to be pulled away from the pervert by security guards after hitting him a dozen times.


She wrote: "If not for the securities that intervene, like seriously he won’t live to remember a day like this."