Actress Shaves Head For 8 Million Instagram Fans

A Russian actress who jokingly told her friend that she would shave her head if she ever got 8 million Instagram followers has now been forced to go through with the promise.


Nastasya Samburskaya, 29, who is one of the most popular actresses in the country and stars in the Russian sitcom 'Univer' then posted a picture of her shaved head to show she had kept her promise.


She wrote: "A few years ago when I only started my Instagram page I had a bet with my friend. I promised to shave my head completely bald if I ever ended up with something crazy like 8 million followers on my page. I don't know why I made this weird bet, but I did and so I had to keep my promise."


She also revealed that she had made another promise if she ever reached 9 million followers, and did not reveal what that was but promised that she would also make sure she honoured that pledge.


Netizen 'chugunova.margarita' wrote: "She is a woman of her word."


But others like netizen 'vikki_ovcharova' slammed the stunt, saying: "This is a Rubbish PR stunt. She is trying so hard to be remembered by the audience. This is sad."


Netizen 'le0n1604' simply wrote: "What a freak."


The criticism was not unnoticed by the celebrity, who wrote: "At the end of the day this is my head. Some people try to suggest I have cancer or schizophrenia when they saw the picture, but am I really the first woman without any hair that you've ever seen? I can assure you that my mental state is absolutely okay, maybe I'm planning to go into a Shaolin Monastery."


She was in the headlines last week after it was revealed she had posted a mocking video about vegans in a video sketch together with a few friends in which they portrayed nonmeat eaters as being chronically weak and undernourished.