CEN/Anna Nichiporenko

22 Stone Woman Becomes Model And Shuts Haters Up

A girl who has been fat shamed all of her life has put the "haters" to bed by becoming a plus sized model.


Pretty Anna Nechiporenko tips the scales at 140 kilogrammes (22 stone) but is adamant she will not allow her weight to stop her doing what she wants in life.


The 30-year-old, from the city of Krasnoyarsk in central Russia's Krasnoyarsk Krai region, has recently become the first plus size model on the books at the prestigious Star Model Agency in the area.


The blonde said she has always battled with her self image, but last year decided to embrace her "big and beautiful" body after a string of unsuccessful attempts at dieting.


She said: "As far back as I can remember, I was always taller than my classmates. I have a picture from nursery school and in it, I am standing and looking at the floor. I looked down because I didn't want anyone to notice me.


"I was a good singer in school but I just never had the self-confidence to get on the stage."


She said that going to the gym, taking part in group sports, and dieting never helped her to shed the extra pounds and she believes it became harder as she got older.


"Nothing has ever helped me to lose weight," she continued. "All of my relatives, my mum, sister, aunt, all have an irregular figure. It is just in our genes. I have tried everything to lose weight: acupuncture, hypnotism, counting calories and professional medical advices. I've also gone to the gym, had fat busting massages and gone swimming. Nothing works.


"Sometimes I would diet so drastically that I felt so weak and dizzy from hunger in the morning, I could not even get out of bed. I had to drink a tea with sugar and then I felt better."


Anna says this does not stop her from living as healthily as she can. She still goes to the gym two or three times a week.


She said she woke up one day having "had enough" of living a half life and as she was happy with the way she looked and always having been told she was pretty, she took herself off to a modelling agency.


Anna said she was preparing herself for rejection but was amazed to find out that plus sized models are now "all the rage" and she was signed up on the spot, giving her the much needed self-confidence boost she had needed for so long.


She has since competed at a beauty pageant that celebrates curvier figures where she was highly commended and got a standing ovation from the crowd after making them cry with a "beautiful poem" she wrote herself for the creative round of the competition.


The 30-year-old said she has always struggled with finding love because of her size, and admits she "pushed away" men in the past, believing herself to be unworthy of a proper relationship.


But since unveiling her new confident self she says she has noticed a change in that aspect of her life too.


She said: "I was seeing a man named Egor but it didn't go anywhere, it went on for 10 years but it was always distant.


"Now it has changed. There are a lot of other nice men around. I met one called Aleksey. I believe that it is something real. I really hope so. I dream of having a family and kids. I want to have twins - a boy and a girl, and then another kid maybe afterwards."