Russian Kardashians Swimwear Shoots Show Extra Xmas Calories

The model known as Russia’s answer to Kim Kardashian may have put on some weight recently but it has not dampened her appetite for posing in skimpy swimwear.

Anastasia Kvitko’s weight gain during the Christmas holidays only seems to have boosted the 22-year-old’s body-confidence.
Recent pictures of the model show a stunningly buxom figure in stylish swimsuits.
Her week-long holiday on the Caribbean Island of Saint John was the perfect opportunity for her to add to her album of sexy shots, which she is fond of posting on social media to the delight of fans worldwide.
One picture that shows Ms Kvitko sitting on the beach in a tight black see-through swimsuit collected more than 62,000 likes in just 24 hours, and is now at nearly 82,000.
Followers’ comments were full of praise for her new even curvier figure. She has often been compared to American hourglass impressionist Kim Kardashian but denies modelling herself on the reality star.
She denies frequent accusations of having had plastic surgery, and claims her figure is simply the result of hard work in the gym.
She has also been quoted as saying that she thinks she is better looking than Kim Kardashian, and does not see being compared to her as a compliment.
Despite being turned down by various modelling agencies because of her voluptuous curves, she refused to diet or exercise them away and has instead built a huge following of fans who admire them, with 5.2 million followers on social media.