7yo Boy Impales Back Of Throat With Chopstick

A seven-year-old boy impaled himself on a chopstick when he was running around after dinner and it got lodged in the back of his throat when he fell over.

The seven-year-old nicknamed "Bin Bin" had to be rushed to hospital after the eating utensil lodged itself deep inside his neck, with only a short section in his mouth.
Bin Bin’s mum and dad, who live in Zhangzhou City in East China’s Fujian Province, kept the 20-centimetre (7.87-inch) chopstick in his mouth, which was thankfully not bleeding heavily because the object seemed to have plugged the wound.
Xu Zhiliang - an ear, nose and throat specialist at the No. 175 PLA Hospital - said Bin Bin’s initial scans showed all arteries and blood vessels in his neck functioning normally, calling the near miss "very lucky".
Bin Bin was taken into an operating room and the chopstick was successfully removed by a team of surgeons.
The boy, who was playing with his younger brother after dinner, is now recovering and can be expected to be discharged in a few days.
According to doctors at the hospital, they receive numerous similar cases every year, and most involve young children.
Doctor Xu said this is perhaps the result of children lacking balance, making it that much more important to keep sharp objects such as chopsticks, forks, and toothpicks out of their reach.