Toddler Renamed Putin After Russian President

The parents of a two-year-old boy have legally changed his name to Putin in honour of the Russian President.

Little Putin Dzhuraev, who lives in the village of Legkovo in western Russia's Vladimir Oblast region, has just received his revised new birth certificate.

Ironically, his family are not even Russian - they emigrated from the Central Asian republic of Tajikistan seven years ago.

But they became huge fans of President Vladimir Putin after moving first to the Russian capital city of Moscow and then on to their current home.

Putin, who was originally named Rasul, has his grandfather, Rahmon Dzhuraev, 70, to thank for his unusual name.

He read about an Egyptian journalist who named his son in honour of President Putin and decided his family should do the same.

But instead of calling him Vladimir, which is a common first name in Russia, he decided he should be given the name Putin to make the tribute more obvious.

Mr Dzhuraev said: "I decided to give my grandson the new name - Putin, because Vladimir Putin is a great man.

"He is strong, smart and well educated. He is a saint Vladimir. I believe my grandson looks like the president looked in his childhood."

Little Putin's father, Dzhahongir Dzhuraev, liked the idea and readily agreed to legally change his son's name.

He said: "We call him Putinushka at home and he has already got used to his new name. We respect the president very much."

However, it is not entirely clear what the boy's mother, Malokhat Dzhuraeva, thinks of his new name. She has declined to comment so far.